Recommended DVB-S2 USB tuner

I have a 8’ dish I keep searching and reading for a USB tuner for my Raspberry Pi3 I am in the U.S. so I need a DVB-S2 I keep seeing them listed for sale in the U.K. only.

The only one I found for here is GENIATECH Mygica HDStar DVB-S2 and what I read so far its not supported on OSMC.

Am I missing any ?

Dvbsky S960. Working properly.

I google it and none for sale in the U.S. :frowning:

it’s a problems when exist somethigs like amazon or ebay ? :slight_smile:

While mentioning he S960. Anyone has experience with the S960C. I’d like to add this to my Vero4K , but not sure how reliable it will work with a CI module inside Kodi. Anyone experienced with that setup?

Sundtek SkyTV ultimate 6 is a very good alternative, I would say an even better tuner, as it’s smaller, runs cooler, but it’s slightly more expensive.
As far as I know and this topic suggests, there is no implementation for CI support in tvheadend:

Things might have changed since that, but I doubt.
A solution would be to use OSCAM and read the card from the CI/CI+ module directly with OSCAM by using a cardreader (Smargo, Omnikey pcsc readers fore xample).
But for this, you will have to extrac or to know BSA and RSA keys before, as the card might be paired with the reader. Also this is at the grey area of legality, as the provider might forbid you to use the card in a different reader. Also take into account that the OScam SW can be used to share your subscription card via the internet, which is COMPLETELY ILLEGAL. You’ve been warned.

Another topic:
Vero 4k, odroid C2 both are powered by the same Amlogic 905 chip.
The problem is, that amlogic uses an ancient kernel (3.14) compared to the recent ones used by a Raspberry.
Unfortunately a lot of devices, especially multimedia ones were added in the recent kernels which might be missing in this old one.
Now Sam builds his kernels by adding also these drivers, usually, but don’t expect that every device that works on the Raspberry, or Linux, generally, will also work on the Vero, due to the old kernel it’s using.

There is (can be) support for CI in TVH. Someone in here has compiled it from the tvh repo. (Can’t find the link right now) Sam’s been working to get that into OSMC.