"Recommended Episodes" displays incorrect episode titles on home screen

So, when I use “Recommended Episodes” as the widget for the home screen, the thumbnail, show name, and show number are all correct, but the episode title still displays as if it were showing recent episodes. Is there anyway to fix this?

OSMC RC2 on Raspberry Pi Model B.

For anyone else having this problem, I managed to fix it by editing
and changing RecentEpisode.1.Title to RecommendedEpisode.1.Title or RandomEpisode.1.Title in the relevant sections (both Recommended and Random were broken).

Thanks - I’ve passed this onto our skin dev to have a look at.

Still seems broken in latest update (RC3-ish)?

Yes, we have had to delay releasing updates to the OSMC skin, so they won’t feature in RC3 as originally planned.

No ETA at the moment, but it is being actively worked on.

Thanks, in the meanwhile I will try the manual fix reported earlier in the thread.