Recommended external DVD (Blu-ray) drive

Hello all,

I have a RPi2 with a very good 2A power adapter. I had an internal slim DVD drive that I popped into an external case that has it’s own power supply and USB connection.

OSMC recognizes the drive along with the disk inside it, but the movie just ends up freezing and goes and eventually stops. I have tried restarted my Pi along with making sure that I have all the latest updates. The only other thing connected to the Pi’s USB ports or an IR receiver.

I’m thinking the case for the slim DVD might be causing the issue, but it plays fine if I plug it into my PC.

Bottom line: If it seems that I can’t get my current drive going, can anyone recommend an external, slim drive either for DVDs or Blu-rays?

Afraid I haven’t got any advice - just wondering if you did get something working? I would like to get the same thing up and running…