Recommended Skins for 4k+ (2021)

I am looking into Getting vero4k+, and wanted know what skins People are using that are working well. besides the basic OSMC.

Auramod is a very pretty Netflix style skin that works well on the 4k GitHub - skyfsza/skin.auramod: Auramod Skin for Kodi 18

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I am using arctic horizon with multiple widgets on homescreen looks beautiful and its not slowing the vero4k+


Thank you… I will look at it and see what i think.

Thank you i will Look at it.

Arctic Zephyr 2 with PlexKodiConnect. Lightweight skin with plenty of customization possibilities. Available at: Arctic: Zephyr 2

Just FYI. Arctic Zephyr 2 isn’t being worked on any longer, so when Matrix comes out there will be no official update for AZ2 to work with that. There are a couple of mods/hacks (including one I did), but I’m not supporting mine either. The (kind of) replacement for that skin is Arctic Horizon. The author is working on a Matrix version of that.

Oh, what a bummer! Thanks for the heads up though. I did try Arctic Horizon a while back but found it somewhat slower compared to AZ2 which is why I stuck with that. Guess I’ll have to make the transition soon though.

AH was indeed a little bit slower thad AZ2 on my vero4K+ too, but there has been some updates to AH , and now its almost on par with az2 on my device.

Good to know, thanks!

Aeon MQ8.


Aeon MQ8 +1

Try the OSMC-Skin …looks best of all :innocent:


awesome, I have look into it…but atm i looking into what device since 4k+ out of my price range

its a great skin since you can customise it to display what you want and to an extent even how you want. it’s not the easiest skin to configure, takes a little time to figure it out. (i’ve disabled more or less everything that makes it look like netflix)