Recommended wifi adaptor for RPI B+ and OSMC

I have been struggling with wifi connectivity with OSMC and my RPI B+ With my old wifi adaptor and Raspbmc or Openelec I could connect upstairs and in the back of the house, with OSMC I need to be in the same room as my wifi router. I tried a cheap plug-n-play wifi adaptor from Amazon, it cost £4.80 and it works great… I can connect upstairs without any issue and can stream iplayer etc. The adaptor is a no name unit… “USB Wifi Adapter for the Raspberry Pi - By New IT”

There have been other complaints about using and configuring WiFi, and there is a thread for adding the details of units with problems.
If you can get to a terminal window, then lsusb should show some details of the thing you have, and the log should show more.
There was also a post suggesting that it might matter which of the slots you plug the dongle into for best sensitivity.
I suggest a short USB extension lead might gain you something - it worked for several other bits of equipment I have, which found connecting difficult at times.

Hi Derek, I think you have misunderstood my post. I was actually recommending the wifi adaptor I mention as it connects flawlessly and has good range. That is with RPI B+ anyway.
Cheers, Paul

Yes - I thought you had a problem, from the wording you used.
Glad to hear you haven’t.
That info might be a bit hit and miss for a recommendation (sorry to sound so negative, but a link or picture would help).

I confirm that the adaptor works well with the RPI 2 as well, good range and no dropped connections… plus the price has dropped to £4.75 :smiley: