Reconnect to Emby server fails

Hi, I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this question, or maybe on Kodi or Emby forum?

I am running Emby server on a Windows server. I turn the server off when not using it. I leave Vero 4k+ on most of the time e.g. so I can record live TV.

So when I do turn on Emby server, the Kodi Emby client on the Vero will not connect to it. A couple of times it did connect but only after a long wait, maybe 20 mins or longer.

Before Vero I had a Windows 7 Emby client and this did not show this problem, soon after I switched on the server the (previously on) client would connect to the server.

Happy to send logs etc, but before I do I posting on the right place?

I’d suggest posting some Kodi debug logs on the Emby forum first.