Reconsider fully automatic update: please enable it

Before my question is immediately is ignored; I know that this topic has been discussed and Sam already mentioned he is not in favor to implement it.

But, please consider the following. I have currently 4 OSMC installations around the house and updating consumes quite a lot of my time. I know it just ones a month and if you also count in the security updates it’s sometimes more than ones a month. So like the month of January I have to install 4 times 2 updates, so … there you go. But maybe even more important is the wife acceptance factor. The moment my wife wants to watch a movie and sees a message that an update is available, she doens’t know what to do, and calls me for help. And I’m not ready yet, my son does the same :smile:

I know that a fully automatic update function can potentially break the OSMC install. In my case it’s not a big issue if the OSMC install breaks, given that all the content is stored on a NAS and the library is stored also on the NAS (mysql). Reinstalling it, just takes 10 minutes by flashing the SD card.

Please reconsider to build a fully automatic update install, and make it optional for the user, and disable it by default. You could even show a warning that fully automatic update install has for some users disadvantages


Not happening. Because if this goes wrong, you’ll be very quick (quite rightly) to blame us for bricking your system without telling you.

If you don’t want to install updates so frequently, then either disable updates (and perform the manually) or disable updates completely. I only pushed two updates this month. I can’t really make the update process any simpler for the time being.


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Do you want to update?
OSMC needs to reboot.

Doing that 4 times takes less than 4 minutes in total, excluding the time it would take to walk from one room to the other.

If you live in a huge mansion with both an “East Wing” and a “Drawing Room” then yeah, I can see it being quite time consuming.
However, if you were the person who lived in such a splendid house then surely you could instruct your butler to do your updates while you are busy playing tennis on the lawn.


I think the issue is waiting for it to be done.

If the original poster really want to do this and doesn’t care about system stability then it could easily be done with a corn job. Just set up a cheduled corn rinning weekly,nightly whatever you want running apt-get update && dist-upgrade.

I think you meant cron job. A “corn” job is something … entirely different.


the update process is wonderful up to now and I really hope it does not change.

keep up osmc team, by a very happy customer.

You could try this. On your own risk though.

as mcobit said unattended upgrades got it enabled on my two machines works like a charm for me but its good to have good linux knowledge if something goes wrong

Typo as i was replying on the phone but a quick Google later and yes you are right.

Ok. Knowing that the decision is already made; ain’t gonna happen. I would like to add a bit more color;

A manual update can also brick OSMC, and in my case the result is the same. I would still need to reflash the SD card. Besides that, I would never complain on the forum that an update has bricked OSMC. (I know that you don’t believe me :)grin: )

Will try mcobit’s suggestion. Thanks

And in my case there is no risk, given that all data is stored on the NAS. Just a bit more work, to reflash everything if things go bad

Yes a manual update can also risk bricking the device but as you get warned first you have the opportunity to backup your SD card first. If automatic then you may find your Pi broken and not know what caused it, file system corruption, failed update, bad power supply etc.

just dont forget to include osmc repo also when you create your unattended upgrades config

I am happy this does not exist! Just updated and something went wrong. If I did this for all devices, all of them would be useless now. You don’t want this at all.

Start a separate forum post outlining the issue

I just did a manual upgrade and lost the TV app for MythTV.

And why would you post in this thread? Did you read at all?