Record from TV to Pi B+

I have Pi B+ and connect to TV by HDMI .
Can I record some TV shows on Pi and use Pi as recording Devices.

That depends on the source of the media you wish to record. But in simple terms, you’ll need some sort of screen capture device.

I think he wants to use the Pi as a DVR

You need a DVB stick like this one

What is the source of the TV shows ?

I have only TV connect to Pi without DVR .
My TV get channel by antenna.
I want I can recording TV channel by Pi B+
Pi and TV connect tougher by HDMI cable

To record you TV with pi you need:

Antenna → TV-dongle ->Pi->HDMI->TV

TV-dongle = DVB-T2/DVB-C TV dongle - OSMC

HDMI port on Pi is Output ONLY