Recorded tv shows hidden after viewing

Hi everyone, I’m having a strange thing happening. I can’t tell if it’s new or not.

If I watch a movie or TV show that has been ripped, a little tick mark will appear indicating that it has been viewed. This is particularly useful when watching a series to pick up where you left off.

Anyway, I use Tvheadend to record OTA broadcasts. I’ve noticed that once I’ve viewed a show, it disappears from the list. I have to go down a folder and make it “unviewed” to see the file/episode I just watched.

I figured it out when the storyline of the show kept making no sense. Everytime I would finish an episode, if delete it. Unfortunately, I would be deleting the next episode since the one of just watched was hidden and the last show in the list was actually the next episode.

I’m using the Eminence skin if that makes a difference and recording is done using TVH.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not 100% sure how this will work in Eminence, but when in the TV Show area there should be a menu or side pop out or something that will give you “view options.” Yours probably have an option in there called “Unwatched” and you should be able to toggle it to “All Videos.” In Estuary this is a side pop-out menu that you get to by using the left arrow.


Thank you @pkscout. It was a little hidden, but for anyone else having this problem, when you’re in the Recordings section, click right, scroll down to the bottom option and set it to “All Recordings”