Recreate ~osmc/.kodi?


by accident I deleted OSMC’s home dir including the configuration for Kodi. Is there an easy way to recreate this to the original state, rather then reinstalling the whole device? Overall it is still running and has at least partly recreated the relevant files and dirs during subsequent boot. But Kodi seems to be at least a bit messy when navigating through the GUI.


Simply reboot. Kodi will always recreate that file/folder structure.

What does this mean?

PVR client complaints about not being able to find the running tvheadend service. But maybe this is just due to some previous misconfiguration I did there in the meantime myself.

Reinstall TVHeadend from the App Store

You should be able to go into the MyOSMC addon and reconfigure that to point the backup folder to the place you’d originally setup to do backups. That will allow you to recover from the accidental deletion by restoring from the last backup.

If you hadn’t set MyOSMC to do backups (I wish they were on by default), you should 100% do that to help with situations just like this.