Red artifacts showing on video playback. OSMC on RPi2

Device: Rasp Pi 2
Installation media: SDcard
Connection: Wifi
Power Supply Type: External power supply
Power specs: 2ma
Peripherals: USB HDD, externally powered, USB keyboard
Storage Device USB drive, NFS
OSMC version: OSMC July 2015 2015.07-1
Codecs: unsure
Audio/Video Output: HDMI
Overclocked: No

For some reason, when doing video playback there are red artifacts that show on the screen throughout the full movie.

These movies all played just fine though an ATV2 that was rooted and had XBMC installed.

The device seems to be up to date (says no updates available)

Any suggestions on what I can do to resolve this, everything else seems to be working great on the install.

‘OSMC version: OSMC July 2015 2015.07-1’

Indicates you haven’t received the latest updates.

usually a power issue or bad HDMI cable , can you take a picture of it?


Try config_hdmi_boost=7 in config.txt which increases the hdmi signal level. (A better hdmi cable may also fix it).

Thanks guys, I will check all of these when I get home. I have another HDMI cable to test with, and I can swap the power also.

How do I upgrade if it tells me no new updates are available? Do I need to download the latest img and redo the install?


Here is a link to a photo I took of the screen, you can see the red pixels in a circle around the icon.

In video playback it would be replacing some of the colors on the screen, if that makes sense.

Thanks for the help guys! It looks like it was the HDMI cable, as a simple swap to the other, shorter, HDMI cable resolved that issue.

I do still need to figure out how to update to the latest version, any advice there would be helpful.

Thanks again!

ssh into your pi and issue the following command:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

If there are any errors, let us know.
Of course you have to have a network (internet) connection.