Red Flash cross

yes I’ve loaded with the wimdos installer on the usb stick. Now the vero red flashes and now and then blue. The us stick is not yet accessed

Did you try the micro SD card?

No, unfortunately not I do not have any

The blue light coming on would mean the device is booting.

If you can try a card I would recommend it

ok I’ll get a SD card and try it again

Hi Sam … I’ve now got a SD card. The image that you have sent me with the windows installer on it made.But unfortunately, it is still not … It always comes the screen "please stand by And then everything starts from the beginning. I really hope my Vero is not completely broken. Since she has always served me well I would very much like to have something new

The contens of the sd card

Just a question out of the blue, since this happens for me from time to time.

Do you have a HDD connected to the usb ports, sometimes i got an issue with the same symptoms, but when i disconnect the hdd’s(got two) the issue resolves. Note this isn’t on every start up, it might be when the hdd’s gone into hibernation.

no I have not it is only the dongle for the remot dran.ich already wanted to upload a video here where you see what happens but somehow not. have no authority for it

now the cross gets blue a bit longer and on the screen there is a search for root file system / dec // vero-nand / root in the top left corner, then the cross flashes red and blue and then everything starts again. …

brain storming with current infos, what could be tried else:

  • I think you’re using the original power supply; is there a similiar power supply available? It MUST HAVE the exact SAME voltage 5V and 2A or more power. Try the installation SD card with it.

  • Do you have a self-powered hub which does provide USB power over the upstream port? Those USB hubs are out of USB specifications but you find them on the market. If you have one, try to connect such hub with the Vero but remove the original power supply from the OSMC box, before!
    Insert the installation SD card, before.

  • What happens if you power on the Vero without being connected to the TV (empty HDMI port) and without the OSMC RF USB dongle but inserted SD card? Does the blue led stay? If yes, let it run for at least 20-30 minutes before doing anything else.

  1. no difference the cross lights up blue for a moment and then turns red again. Just now it lights a bit longer blue because I do not drd hdmi but I do not know what’s happening on the screen

2nd no unfortunately not. Desert synonymous where I could get something like that. Now just the cross flashes again, red, blue then it looks like obeide colors flash together shortly

  1. yes I use the original power supply -I do not have any other that I could use for it

I am catching up on this and will give you an update shortly.

Thx Sam… Noting will work Not the USB or the sd card. I Hope reale my vero is Not broken

Hope you can find a solution tomorrow maybe. So that my vero will run again

I am still getting on top of things but will give you a reply shortly.


Sorry for the late reply. It has been a very busy day.

I think you’ve made reasonable efforts to get this to work.
Ping your order number and a link to this thread to