Red screen / black screen after boot with current profile

I have a Vero 4K and there were no problems until today. When I startet my TV, OSMC just had a black screen. So I rebootet via SSH. In the splash screen, the color was not correct now. After that, it boots into a black screen.
So I deleted the .kodi directory and booted again: Now I can access the skin, but everything is red now:

I already tried another HDMI cable and direct input to the TV with no success.

Here is my log:


As you see in the screenshot, OSMC seems to generate a correct colored image. May there be a hardware defect?

Thanks in advance!

Can you connect the Vero directly to your TV and bypass the AVR and upload a log?

Without any adjustments, the problem has resolved itself. Thank you for your help!

Your log showed you had Force RGB enabled. Not recommended for ordinary TVs.