Red Warning Message

Hi all,

I’ve received my Vero V and am busy setting it up to my liking. So far, I’ve updated OSMC and installed some skins. My daily driver is “Arctic: Zephyr - Reloaded”. Not sure if this relates to the warning message, but sharing it for full clarity.

When I restart my device, I get the following warning. It’s really hard to see what it says. Zooming out in the Kodi settings also doesn’t make a difference, as this warning is shown prior to loading the skin.

Any idea what it could mean and how I can resolve it?

By the way, really like how much snappier the Vero V is compared to my old 4K+!

At a guess, it probably says Mouse not supported.

A lot of skins don’t support mice. Do you have one connected?

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While not a direct solution but it might help to read the message

It seems you have a issue with Overscan. Ensure that you did not have any calibration configuration in Kodi/OSMC and use one of the following methods depending on the TV Brand you use.

  • Samsung TV - go to Menu / Picture / Picture Options / Size / Screen Fit (instead of 16:9).
  • LG TV - go to Settings / Picture / Aspect Ratio / Just Scan (instead of 16:9)
  • Sony TV - hit Home button, go to Settings / Screen / Display Area / Full Pixel
  • Sharp TV - hit View Mode button, select “Dot by Dot” or “Full screen”
  • Sharp Aquos - go to Menu / System Options / View Option / View Mode / Dot by Dot
  • Panasonic TV - go to Menu / Picture / Screen Settings / 16:9 Overscan / Off
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Thanks, both! I changed the aspect ratio setting on my television. This led to the warning being completely displayed. And it indeed showed that a mouse is not supported. Which is weird, because I don’t have any mouse connect.

At least I now know it’s nothing serious, so will just ignore it :slight_smile:

The OSMC remote registers in the OS as both a mouse and keyboard.

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