Reduce addon startup time on boot?

Well, fnally got the july build up and running.
I’m on PiB 512 Ram

I’ve noticed that loading addons into memory takes longer time now. It used to take about 10 seconds from boot until they came popping in. Now it’s about a minute.

I have not altered or hacked or overclocked the pi. Only using the standard setup.

Is there a way to reduce the waiting time before osmc startup the add-ons ?

Sure… Overclock.

ssh then

systemctl enable systemd-readahead-collect systemd-readahead-replay
apt-get install preload

over time boottime will reduce

Thank you.
I tried but all I get is: Access denied ??

You probably need to preceed the commands with sudo - certainly the apt-get needs it

it suddenly occoured to me.
and I got it working.

Thank you

And did this speed up your boot time at all ?

rtfm :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


But I’m waiting to see real world evidence :wink:

I’ve only rebooted twice. So no hard irl proof just yet. At least no crashes so far, so it’s definetively looking good :blush:

Unlike mr Robot i’m very noob when it comes to linux and raspberry pi…

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I’m not convinced the above commands will improve Python start-up performance. We may see a small improvement on the launching of Kodi itself, but it’s not until that it starts that CPython interface is ready for addons.

I’m actually convinced readahead will slow us down here. It looks like in most versions it blocks until the data it wants is read and runs in a single thread which will likely slow down the boot in most situations and there are some open bugs that are quite critical

Let’s also remember on Pi and Vero we’re accessing NAND storage. Every access time is the same. I think mechanical (non SSD) disks are the only place where we might see some benefit.


What would you suggest sam?
I use several addons, amongst them are the video library update.
I find that the pi (osmc) isn’t usable until all the addons are loaded. It responds slowly until everything is loaded.

Would overclocking help any?
Or is there any other settings.I could tweak to speed up boot time ?