Refocus Install on Kodi 16 (ie latest osmc update)

Kodi 16 (Latest OSMC update)

Hardware: PI2

  1. wget

to /home/osmc

  1. Remove refocus addon

  2. You may also need to:

rm -R /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/skin.refocus

rm -R /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/skin.refocus

  1. Reboot

  2. Go to Settings > Addons > Install from Zip … install

  3. Go to Settings > Appearance > select Refocus

You may need to reboot again. After I rebooted after selecting the new Refocus the screen and menus were all blank for a good minute or two. It then built re–built the menus that the OSMC skin had imported the menus from the previous Refocus version.

The problem with doing this this way, as I understand, the skin will never auto-update. Should probably make that known…

Same holds true for pushing an update without any mention anywhere that it might break a half dozen skins. So, please no lectures.

The same what holds true? Your argument makes no sense, therefore is invalid…

You truly are quite clueless aren’t you? This is a Kodi issue, not OSMC. Take your childish ranting and cry at their feet… Your time here is growing short.

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