Refresh Home Menu

I have customized my home menu in OSMC and added links/shortcuts to few video addons. The problem is, these links are not updated automatically.
If I browse to the linked directory in video addons it gets fresh list of vieos from server. But when I access same directory from home menu shortcut it shows outdated list. This outdated list is actually the snapshot of the list at the time I created the home menu link.
If I go to ‘customize main menu’ in skin setting and ‘change action’ for shortcut and browse to the same addon directory. It will get updated list and the home menu is refreshed.
Is there an automatic way of keeping the home menu links uptodate? Or I have to manualy do it?

I have played alot with settings but could not find a solution. Please help.

Skin Shortcuts FAQ: Link to addon shows cached listings

Also, I believe the underlying issue has been resolved for Krypton.