Refresh rate not switching

I’ve been having a sporadic problem since the October update where the output refresh rate sometimes doesn’t change when I start playing a video. It only happens sometimes, although once it starts it seems to keep doing it until I reboot - then everything is fine again.

It’s not bothering me very much, but in case you want to have a look for your own amusement, here are some logs:

Two things which may or may not be related: when this happens and I reboot, the output resolution sometimes spontaneously sets itself to 720p (even though the device it’s connected to is powered up and running); and, when I try to play the video again after the reboot, it sometimes claims the file isn’t there any more and asks me if I want to remove it from the library - but if I play it by going via Videos->Files rather than going via TV Shows, then it plays successfully, so the file clearly is still there.

First idea I have: Could you check whether adjust refresh rate setting is ALWAYS? I would prefer START/STOP in case the video material could contain issues.

I keep that setting set to “On start/stop”.

This is because it’s falling back to the desktop resolution.
It will be fixed in the next update.


Good I’m seeing the gui drop back to 720p from 1080p50.