Refresh rates


As with the original vero I am having issues with refresh rates.

Upon originally installing/updating the unit I was able to set the overscan for all refresh rates, but now a few days later the only ones available are 60hz and 59,94hz - not aware of what has changed. Disabled cec but have reenabled,

Sync to display is set to off.

Tv is capable of all refresh rates

Not installed any unto-wards repositories.

Log uploaded:

Your Samsung Display is only reporting these modes as available:

====================== Display Cap =================== g0gjk991

Try another HDMI cable.
Try turning both devices off at the mains for 5-10 minutes.

Is the TV connected directly to the Vero 4K or is there an AVR in between? Does connecting
directly (just as a test) resolve the issue?


Hi Sam

Thanx for the quick reply!

An extended power cut solved the problem - not sure what was at fault, but all refresh rates are back now

Best regards


Your device must have come back before the TV was on, so we fell back to some default modes.