Refreshing TV series resets watched history for the series

Hardware: Vero 4k+
OSMC: June 2023 2023.06-1

Starting with update 2023 2023.06-1 the series refresh behavior has changed.

Previously if you refreshed an individual series (info → refresh → refresh infromation for all episodes → refresh from internet) OSMC would fetch updated information from the internet regarding the particular series but not touch watched progress

With 2023 2023.06-1 when you refresh a show information as above it will correctly refresh show data but also marks all episodes as unwatched.

Is there a way to set this back to the original behavior where it keeps watched progress?

Make an advancedsettings.xml file with…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

These two settings had their defaults changed in Kodi 20 and they affect this behavior whether there is a nfo present or not.

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super, thank you.

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