Refreshing upnp drive

ive been trying to find my way round my new vero 4k and so far so good ,ive got a little issue with my current setup…

i have a usb3 drive connected to my asus router so i can access from pc and other devices etc with a few movies on there

im able to play all the movies via vero 4k using the upnp option and then choosing my drive,everything plays great ,4k atmos etc etc no problems

however if i add new content to the drive via my pc ,the vero does not see the new content ? ive checked on windows and its all there and copied ok ,is there a way of refreshing the drive on my vero box so it displays newly added files ?


Do you mean that you want your library to update automatically?

If you just want your files to update, then going back out and back in to the menu option should refresh it

I just want to be able to see the new files I’ve added to the drive, if I come out and then back nothing changes, also I realised if I press the left arrow there is an option to update library but this also doesn’t do anything? Bit miffed to be honest, I might just plug it back in directly to the vero


I think this down to upnp server on the router, I have an asus as well and just checked; it looks the asus only has an option to update the upnp database on restarting the router.

You may be better to share the disk via samba or nfs.

Thanks Tom.

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I’ll have a look into nfs then, thanks for your help :+1: