Registration not working?

(Sorry for cross posting from General Discussion. This probably belongs here)

My colleague whom I convinced to order his Vero4k :slight_smile: , is not able to register at OSMC. He get’s bounced back to the login page (with a http 200) and never receives a subscription confirmation email. He tried different email addresses and browsers. Whatsup?

Just tested the registration and it works here. Make sure he’s compiling the fields correctly, first is email and second is username.

You shouldn’t need an account to place an order; but you can opt to create an account at checkout. Hope this helps.

You can just go to

Will try and reproduce here in the interim.

I’m the colleague SaintNick is talking about and as you probably figured out I finally was able to register. The difference was that I did it via ‘My Account’, instead of ‘Log in’ en then ‘Register’.


Thanks for letting me know.
That’s odd. When you place your order, can you let me know if you receive a confirmation email? If you don’t, it’s bounced for some reason, and I’ll check why.


I already placed my order and received the Vero 4k, but at the time I didn’t chose to create an account.

Got you. Can you check if forgot my password emails etc work? If they don’t — can you PM me your email?


Yes, they work fine. I got a password reset e-mail within seconds.