Reinstall 4.9 kernel version on RPI2?


since OSMC upgraded to kernel version 4.14 I experienced problems with my dvbsky_s960 usb sat receivers.

I found out that others do have the exact same problems as I do and it looks like only downgrading to 4.9 fixes them.

So how do I downgrade to 4.9? I have removed the old package and if I try to reinstall it I get the following error:

osmc@tvheadend:~$ sudo apt install --reinstall rbp2-image-4.9.29-15-osmc
Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done
Package rbp2-image-4.9.29-15-osmc is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

E: Package ‘rbp2-image-4.9.29-15-osmc’ has no installation candidate

brgds, Michael

What problem do you experience with the receiver?
4.9 is EOL

Before the latest kernel update they only worked for a short time/as long as they were being used. As they were unused for some minutes they were not working anymore. I found other reporting the same problem.
Since the latest kernel update (4.14.34-2-osmc) they stopped working completely.

Do you have a link to people experiencing the same problem and a debug log?
Without reports I can’t fix it, and downgrading isn’t a proper solution. You will need to upgrade eventually.

So everyone reports problems between 4.9 and 4.10, problems and description varies. Here some examples:

I am on the newest version of OSMC (I am not a Linux newbie, using Linux since 1992). I am completely dependend on OSMC and those receivers (my wife cannot watch TV anymore). So for a workaround I need kernel 4.9.

Can you please give me a hint where to find it precompiled as a package? I really do not want to go into the hassle to compile it myself.

By the way, there is no debug log, before 4.14 and after 4.9 they stopped working after a few minutes of idling without ANY log anywhere, since 4.14 they do not even attach:
dvbsky_s960_attach fail


Your fastest road to success is reinstall an older image

Thank you, but that really is a lot of work (configuring tvheadend, oscam, etc.). With the old kernel image it is a matter of a few minutes to get it up and running again.

IIRC, when the upgrade from 4.9 happened, we were already on Krypton and TVH 4.2. So you should get away with backing up your home dir, re-imaging with the ?January release and copying things back.

But I’ve no idea what is needed for oscam.

Hi again,

so I reinstalled from scratch with the January image. It’s the last one with kernel 4.9 but already on TVH 4.2 and Kodi 7.6.

Then I told apt to hold the kernel package: apt-mark hold rbp2-kernel-osmc

After that I updated all other packages. Result: now my receivers work again perfectly. I will file a bug upstream and will warn people on Amazon (where I bought those receivers) about this.