Reinstall OSMC and apply TVH setup backup - how to FYI

On original system
Backup OSMC to USB Drive (go to System/My OSMC and manual Backup)
Copy .TVH to USB Drive

On new system
Install OSMC fresh
Install Tvheadend (hereafter TVH) (backend) & Samba (go to System/My OSMC/AppStore)
Restore OSMC backup from USB Drive
Delete .TVH folder
Copy .TVH from USB Drive
Enable TV - (go to Sytem/Settings/TV)
Should say "TVH found at … (IP Address). Agree to this.
Most likely will give error re TVH cannot connect
Sytem/Settings/Add-ons/My Add-ons/PVR clients/Tvheadend…/Configure and enter Username and Password (both defaults are osmc).

The error “TVH cannot connect” should stop now

Home should now show TV
All TV settings should be there as per previous backup.

BTW Tvheadend…/Configure on my system also works on the default, as long as the login stuff is entered)

Also, BTW to use the web interface in Windows 10, I use:

(for some reason the IP address directly does not work, but that’s a whole nother story)