Reinstall Vero 4K

I want to reinstall my Vero 4K, but I can’t find Vero 4K as an option in the installer for OS X.

use the disk image :slight_smile:

I know, but that still dosen’t make it visible in the qt_host_installer and I don’t know how to get the file on to a sd card with “funny” commands.

dont have to know that much funny commands, but you do have a point about it missing from the installer this is something @sam_nazarko will probably address pretty fast but i recommend that you google on how to flash a sd card in mac in the meanwhile or wait for the installer to be updated.

Try downloading the installer again.

Have you got the latest installer?
I do believe I published an updated OS X installer recently. Please let me know if this isn’t the case

Hi Sam, just downloaded the installer again from your website, no Vero 4K present, the installer is from 09/09/2016 21.27.
In the meantime I did a search on Google, and found out how to flash a sd card, so I have reinstalled.

Seems to be an issue with some of the download mirrors. We’re looking into it now.

I likely forgot to upload the new OS X installer. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Give it a go now.

The installer works.