Reinstalling my Vero2

After uninstalling tvheadend from my Vero 2, more than needed seems to have been uninstalled.
I now cannot connect via ssh anymore, the web interface is not working and i cannot even open the app store anymore.

Therefore: Is there a tutorial to factory reset the Vero 2. I already saw that there are Installers for Mac, but it only shows the installation to SD card?

Thank you.

Reinstalling is the same process as the other devices - you use the OSMC installer on Mac/Windows/Linux to download and install an image on an SD card. You then boot the Vero 2 from the installer SD card and it will format the internal storage and reinstall.

Once it has finished unplug the power and remove the SD card then plug the power back in. Unlike other devices like the Pi that boot from the SD card all the time the SD card is only used for re-installation on a Vero 2.

Thank you. That worked very well.

This would mean one can’t run osmc or android on vero2 from sd card…You just mean vero2 always boots from internal storage, right?

Does this happen automatically or do I get to choose? I just want to try out to run osmc from sd card. Boot from internal storage but rest on sd card. This way I could test if my rsync backup of osmc on internal storage would work.

No, you’re jumping to conclusions there. I’m referring to re-installing OSMC, I didn’t say anything about Android.

The device will preferentially boot from the SD card slot if it finds the right files on the card - otherwise how could the OSMC installer work… However OSMC as shipped is designed run from the internal storage.

Android will be provided as an image that boots from the SD card - so you would be able to boot from internal storage to use OSMC (Linux based) and dual boot into Android by booting from the SD card.

At the moment the OSMC installer will automatically start formatting the internal storage as soon as you boot off the SD card. I’ve mentioned to Sam that it’s probably a good idea to add a warning and a count down to prevent accidental erasure, however at the moment we do already take one precaution - the installer erases itself from the SD card when it is finished so trying to boot off the same SD card again will not cause any harm. Only if you re-imaged the SD card with the installer again would you run the risk of booting off it and wiping internal storage.

Although it is theoretically possible to boot OSMC entirely off the SD card it’s not something that we offer at the moment, as the intention is to have OSMC on internal storage so Android can boot from SD card.

Thanks for this answer, that’s crucial to know!
As long as the system is working as nice as it does now I’m not worried but I learned the hard way to take precautions and made a rsync backup.

One question remains though…
In a szenario where my system would crash and totally get unusable and unaccessible:

How would I restore my whole setup?
Ok, I pop in sd card with installer, wipe internal storage and let osmc reinstall.
And now? How would I restore my rsync backup?
Since I couldn’t find much about restoring rsync backups via google I only can speak from my experience:
I use the same rsync command to restore, ok. But before that I always needed to format everything, leaving just the correct partition with filesystem. (which isn’t really an option as veros internal storage is “complicated” as I learned)
However if I restore rsync backup to a already fresh install, I found out that afterwards I have each directory and file twice on the target (better said the “backup files and directories” are “added” to the fresh system) system and it doesn’t boot.
So right now I have no idea how I would restore a backup to the vero2 in case the system crashes and gets unusable and unaccessible.
I want to outline that I’m NOT talking about merely backing up and restoring just the Kodi settings but rather restoring the whole “debian system”.

could anyone answer this question?

You should be able to overwrite existing files with rsync. Providing support for rsync is slightly out of our remit however


Should, would, could are some words one doesn’t want to hear concerning backups.
How do you backup and restore stuff?
Could you provide a way thats proved working?
Right now I don’t know how I could try if a restore would work, because if I pop in the sd card it will format everything and install osmc fresh on my internal storage, as I learned.

Go ask rsync.

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