Reinstalling OSMC


OSMC is a completely open and expansible system. As a result of this, users can install software or make changes that can cause issues with OSMC’s normal operation as a media center.

The Vero 2 features internal storage, but you can reinstall OSMC on the device in the same way that you can for any other OSMC compatible device. You will need an SD card, which will allow you to load the OSMC installer on. When the Vero 2 is started with this card, the internal storage will be formatted and repartitioned, and the version of OSMC you have downloaded will be installed.

Reinstallation steps

  • Ensure that you have backed up any data before proceeding. My OSMC allows you to back up your user data to external media.
  • Go to the Download page and download the installer for your computer.
  • Select the latest Vero 2 image in the installer, and insert an SD card.
  • With the Vero 2 powered off, insert the SD card in to your device.
  • Power the Vero 2 and you will see the installation on screen
  • Wait a few minutes for this to complete, and then follow the on screen setup instructions. It is now safe to remove the SD card.

Troubleshooting tips

Sometimes, Vero 2 may not boot from an SD card even though you have prepared it. We recommend that you try and use another SD card if you have one at hand.

Vero 2 will only attempt to boot from an SD card if it thinks that a user is trying to reinstall OSMC or run Android. The device can be forced to boot from SD card. To do this:

  • Prepare the SD card following the steps above
  • Before removing the SD card, rename the file ‘kernel.img’ to ‘recovery.img’
  • Find a non-conductive pin, such as a toothpick. Put it in the round port nearest the HDMI port. You should hear a soft, audible click
  • Keep this button held down while you or someone else connects power to the device. Keep the button held down for at least 30 seconds or until you see the installer screen come up