Relatively slow eth speed

When i perform a speedtest on my wired vero+ through ssh i ‘only’ get ± 340-360Mbit
when i use the same cable on my macbook pro i get wired speeds of 920-940 Mbit.
Is this a normal difference ?

thanks Tom

how are you testing it? If this “speedtest” is via something like the Speed Test Kodi add-on then it will not give anywhere near an accurate result for anything other than very slow connections. This is an issue on all platforms and even Kodi on a fast PC has the same issue. Also that would be more of a test of your connection to the internet and not your LAN connection anyway even if it worked. If your testing your actual wired connection via something like iperf then this would not be expected behavior on a Vero 4K+.

I use the SSH speedtest . When i use the one from the kodi repo its ony 200Mbit. So thanks for clarifying this is a bad option. I will delete this one the.
I thought the SSH one is the most accurate

The problem is that speedtest generally tests the speed of your internet connection rather than the LAN speed. If you use iperf, as DarwinDesign suggested, that actually measures the speed of the local network connection.

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