Release Candidate says my wifi is disabled

Have set up RC on a pi 2 to replace alpha 4 which was running perfectly.

The RC was configured to start via wireless but did not recognize the wifi and asked me to configure manually. When I did so it could see my ssid but when asked to configure it came back saying wifi disabled and thereafter that wifi was not connected.

Attached a wired network and this works fine but trying to connect the wifi via settings gives the same results as above.

I am using a d-link DWA131 wireless n nano which worked perfectly on raspbmc and on osmc alpha 4.

My router is in the same room as the pi 2 and the broadcast is clear and strong and all other devices are connecting with no problems

OK have solved the problem but there are still things to be looked at.

Did a fresh install of RC but as a wired connection and this set up correctly.

Went into settings to install wifi and it recognised my ssid but still would not configure it properly. Should say that I was using a keyboard to configure as I found the mouse use was all over the shop. Realised that the keyboard was not going onto the ssid to complete the configure so I switched to a mouse to touch the ssid and this allowed the completion.

So setting up RC as an initial wireless instal causes problems. The use of mouse and of keyboard still needs work as neither operates cleanly. For example using the mouse it is not possible to scroll back on language settings. Placement of the mouse on menus is not intuitive. This mouse versus keyboard was a problem on alpha 4 and I always switch to confluence as it is too much of a hassle.