Release candidate still has CEC problems with Panasonic Viera TV

I just want to report that release candidate still has CEC problems with Panasonic Viera TV. The problem is with auto repeating remote key every few seconds, which makes IR remote not usable.

Aware of this

Backports for Pi now has repeat button fixes and will make it to the release


Thank you, that would be very nice :smile:


The problem is still there.

We are up to date with upstream so likely libCEC needs some work


I hope I’m not misunderstanding when you say libCec needs some work, but openelec and xbian don’t share this issue.

It’s something present since Raspbmc days and there has been at least one update to libCec since.

We are using the latest version of libCEC. I don’t have a Panasonic TV myself to test with but I will look into this. When I say libCEC needs work I mean it needs improving, whether that’s done on our end or upstream.


Hey @sam_nazarko, ping me if you need logs or something, I’d be glad to help.

Thanks for your great job!