Reliable 4K AV Receiver for DTS: X, Atmos, DTS-HD etc


I have been reading for quite some time and am now so far that I want to get rid of my question here.

I currently have a Denon AVRX1300W and have problems with sound formats like DTS: X, DTS-HD and Atmos. Despite the correct settings in Kodi/SPMC/OSMC (passthrough enabled, decoder selected, etc. pp) I just can’t get the sound on the receiver. It either stops on stereo or goes into a DTS: NEO mode.

DTS and DD 5.1 are passed through faultlessly.

I would be interested to know which AV receiver you can recommend for correct loop-through of the sound formats, especially in combination with a Vero4K.

The AV receiver should support the above formats, handle 4K HDR and be capable of 7.2.

My selection includes the Onkyo TX-646B/Onkyo TX-NR656, Pioneer VSX-932-S. Price up to 400-500€.

Thank you very much.

Well, from what we have experienced here on the forum so far, many Denons in that price range have huge problems with DTS-HD HRA and some (it seems) also with DTS-HD MA. Talking about the AVR-X2x00 and AVR-X3x00 series… Maybe Sam will find some magic way to make the Vero 4k circumvent these obvious disabilities of cheaper Denons, but nobody knows whether he’ll be able to find a trick to make it work.

More expensive Denons like my AVR-X4300H have no problems whatsoever with any format you throw at them. But those ones would be quite out of your price range, I suppose :wink:

When it comes to other models/brands: Just have a look around the forum using keywords like DTS-HD MA and DTS-HD HRA… The threads that you’ll find from the last months should contain some information on AVRs, users are successfully using with the Vero 4k without any problems. :+1:t2:

When you say “7.2”, what do you mean, exactly? All that really says is 7 “regular” channels and 2 subwoofer outputs, but no AVR actually powers subwoofers…it’s just line-level out.

Do you want to set up as 5.2.2 (L, C, R, LS, RS + 2 SW + 2 Atmos), or 7.2.0 (L, C, R, LSS, RSS, LSR, RSR + 2 SW)? If the second, you can skip receivers that decode Atmos and save a good bit of money.

Otherwise, in your price range, there is also Sony (like the STR-DN1080) and Yamaha (like the RX-V583). These are US model numbers…I don’t know what the European equivalents are. I have a Sony that is six years old, and it handles every non-3D/object audio format perfectly. I wouldn’t expect the new ones to be worse.

Hey, thanks a lot for your answeres so far. Will do some more investigation.

Yes, it will be a 5.2.2 Setup. Currently I am running a 5.1 Setup with my Audio Monitor Speakerset.

Hi. Just wanted to chime in as an owner of a x1300.
I can’t play DTS HRA audio, but other than that everything works. I have watched lots of Atmos movies, and dts:HD MA. No issues at all. I’ve tried some dts:x samples as well and they play correctly.
Just using vero4k->amp->TV nothing special.
Edit: using 5.1.2 speaker setup with top middle speakers.

You mentioned that you have problems with some passthrough formats. If you haven’t switched to a different AVR model, could you test the newest update on our staging repo?

To test this update:

  1. Login via the command line
  2. Edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list
  3. Add the following line: deb stretch-devel main
  4. Run the following commands to update: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && reboot
  5. Your system should have have received the update.

Please see if the issue is resolved.

I also recommend you edit /etc/apt/sources.list again and remove the line that you added after updating. This will return you to the normal update channel.

All feedback is welcome :+1:t2: