Remap Vero Remote in Windows apps?

Hello all.

I have retired my Vero 2 and am using the Vero remote for my HTPC with Kodi.

The remote works with kodi on windows without any configuration. :slight_smile:

I have configured the kodi browser launcher addon, to launch a TV website and use Chrome, in full screen with spatial navigation enabled.
Works well…

BUT, i want to be able to close the browser via the remote.

What would be the easiest way to remap the remote in non-kodi windows apps ?

Eventghost ?
Would RC6 remapping software for windows apps work ?

It connects to windows as an HID Device without an obvious name and I have yet to try determine how eventghost could see it.

Thanks in advance.

This remote appears to the operating system as a regular keyboard and mouse and which keys are sent depends on which version of the remote you have. How the keys are assigned can be found [HERE]. I have not previously ventured into this kind of thing in Windows but a cursory search led me to a program called AutoHotkey and if it was me I think that is where I would start. It may not fully check off the “easiest” requirement but it works with both keyboards and mice and it allows for per-application assignments so you can make buttons work the same with different players that use different keyboard shortcuts.

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That sounds perfect.
I will do some investigation and report back my results to help others.

“Easiest” is relative. hehe. A single flexible solution, even if complex, is often “easiest” :+1:

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Well… Autohotkey works… but it doesn’t

I made an autohotkey script that, on detection of the home key being pressed:

  1. triggers a beep (for debugging)
  2. closes all Chrome windows that are launched by chrome.exe,
  3. switches window focus back to Kodi

It works perfectly if I launch Kodi, and then launch Chrome from the desktop

The strange thing is, if I use Kodi Advanced Emulator Launcher, to launch Chrome… Chrome launches fine. The remote buttons work within the browser… but the AutoHotKey doesn’t remap the home key.
Autohotkey isn’t seeing the input.

Something about kodi executing the bat for Chrome, seems to prevent Autohotkey from detecting the HID Remote’s input when navigating within chrome.

Stay tuned.

Obviously not an OSMC related problem, but i will keep this thread updated with details in case anyone else wants to use the Vero RF remote in Windows.

Got it working.

Although I couldn’t find a difference when looking at running processes, I suspected that there was a rights difference between running autohotkey at OS boot, and then web browser being launched by kodi.


I now have kodi launching a batch script, which launches BOTH the autohotkey script, and the browser.

Works perfectly.

-Vero Remote works with Windows 10 and Kodi out of the box. Just plug in the USB RF Dongle and you are ready.

-can remap buttons as needed with autohotkey.

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You can thank @darwindesign for that

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Last I checked (which was a long time ago) Kodi on Windows didn’t pick up the VID:PID from the dongle so it doesn’t automatically load the custom keymap we unstreamed. Did you ever get a chance to look into a fix for that?

Someone could of course just grab it from github and manually add it to their [Kodi userdata]\keymaps\ folder to get the enhanced remote control mappings.

I can check. How would I do that ? I assume the kodi logs would show.

In the logs it shows all the Keymaps its loading so you would see one listed as OSMC_remote.xml. It would also show up in Kodi’s peripheral settings where you normally only see CEC.