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Good Evening I may have asked this before so apologises if this is a dulplication.

I am using OSMC and now getting use to it, customised it a little bit for my own tastes but what i want to try and figure out is this.

As one of the services within osmc is ftp server. is it possible to use programs like file zilla to connect to the rasberry pi to add new movies to the libary etc when the source is in one location and the destination nation is in another location not on the same network.

Yes. See the Transferring Files article on the Wiki


Good evening.

Is there away of accessing my Rasberry Pi running OSMC remotley when i am not on the local network. for example rasberry pi left on at home, go to work log on from work computer and access it that way.

Not looking to mess around with port forwarding. i am just trying to set it up so if my Pi was at say my brothes house i could sftp into it and upload a new file and update the osmc. i think file zilla can do this and maybe Winscp. anyone had any experience doing this. I also read somewhere that VNC was the way to go but its not avaliable in the app store on OSMC screen.

If VNC is the way to go are there any alternatives to VNC that is open source. and what app can i down load on my phone to see if i can sftp into it outside my local network.

If you are only trying to share files, then you have a couple of choices. The most secure way without port forwarding would be to setup a VPN connection between the 2 locations (This assumes that you have a VPN server outside the local network that you can connect to). The other way that you mentioned using SFTP would also be a secure choice, but would require port forwarding.

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I like the idea of a vpn but dont want to pay for the use of one. i have been told different things no you dont need a vpn yet you can do with sftp etc. so how is it done is there a guid

You can use SFTP or something similar (like an SSH tunnel), but that’s going to require at least one end use port forwarding.

EDIT: Some routers allow you to setup a VPN server. That may be an option depending on your router.

my router is a BT Home HUB 5 i think

OSMC is based on debian linux. You should investigate for yourself methods and instructions to share your files outside of your LAN when using debian. OSMC does not recommend or advise people on how to do things that inherently are likely to reduce the security of your device and every other device on your home network. You should be studying for yourself before taking on such an undertaking so that you have a full understanding of the risks when implementing these methods of communication outside the security of your local network. When you have made yourself aware of the risks, you will also find, or know better how to search for the steps you’ll need to make these kinds of configurations. In the interests of the security of our user base, we cannot offer specific assistance on how to accomplish such a configuration.


A VPN isn’t going to secure your system.

If you’re not comfortable with port forwarding then you might want to use something like TeamViewer and use Putty to login from that.

But why do you need to access your system remotely?


my daughers live with there mother so i want to be able to upate the pi movies when i buy them a new one

Point to Point VPN with OpenVPN on the OSMC device

Who would you recommend as a good cheap and vpn provider to work wit open vpn

Point to Point with OpenVPN is not that kind of VPN.

Yes Dr. @yammers free VPN.
Install Openvpn Server on your OSMC at home. Configure a Dyndns client on it. Portforward the Openvpn port on your router to the OSMC machine.
Configure Openvpn Client on your daughters OSMC and point it to the Dyndns address of your central server

is there a guide on doing it

Probably dozens, you’ll have to Google for yourself.