Remote audio

I have a Raspberry Pi in room 1 and an Audio amp that sends audio throughout the house in room 2 . There is no TV nor any kind of video display in room 2 near Amp.

Both rooms have access to WiFi and room 2 where the amp is has access via pseudo wired via powerline ethernet device.

The goal is to have raspberry Pi2 /OSMC send remote audio to an older Raspberry Pi 1 (re-purposed) . I know there are some Alsa and Pulseaudio tools that can do this but I have the following concerns:

  1. I can not negate the local audio via HDMI as it needs to be user friendly enough that it always sends audio to (local) TV in room 1 and remote amp in room 2

  2. Will the raspberry Pi 1 work as a remote audio server and is there some preferred distro for doing this?

  3. How do I redirect the audio from the Pi2 / OSMC without disruption to the HDMI audio? Can I simply redirect the analog audio to the remote audio sink?

This sounds all much too complicated.
If you want to keep the RPi2 to be able to play video and sound via HDMI why don’t you just setup OSMC on the RPi1 and let it play the files that are on the RPi2 (shared via smb).
You can then control the RPi1 via Yatse.

There is no display near the amp.

I want a “dumb” audio only always on stream from the old Pi 1 .

Too complicated for you, or to use, or to configure?

Speaking of coomplicated, I just tried YATSE and it gave me multiple issues with addons . So it is clearly not an option.

You could install mpd on the pi1 and mount the music via sambashare on the pi2.
There are several apps to control mpd via webinterface or phone.