Remote behaviour during playback

Good evening.
I am a new owner of a vero 4k+ and hope I am posting this question in the right area.

I have an issue with the standard actions of remotes when you push up or down, how they do long skips or skips to next chapter.
I just wish to disable this behaviour during playback. How could I do that?

I have been trying to read up on it but its way over my head. And also most information seems to be about changing the keymapping of the remote, but I would of course want Up and Down to work like they do during other activities than playback

I am a total noob with very limited linux skills, just know enough to login via ssh

Thankful for help / Gurgel a noob

The Keymap Editor add-on will allow you to change the mapping based on context. In this case, you’d delete the mapping for the Up and Down buttons in the “Fullscreen Video” section.

What would you want up and down to do during playback? There is nothing to move up/down on.

Nothing would be fine. Because of another remote I have I constantly accidentally use them to start the OSD playback menu.
I tried the Keymap editor but was unable to just remove a mapping. Also confused because pressing remote keys did not give up or down or left or right but numerical values

The keys can be nooped; but I think you need to do this manually with an XML layout

Thank you.
Can you direct me to a guide as to where in the vero it should be placed and what it should contain?


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Damn its lovely when everything is exactly as one wants it. Thanks a bunch.
For other complete noobs I’ll just add a recommendation for winSCP in adition to putty fpr working with files on the vero

Thanks SAM!

Glad you’ve worked this out.