Remote control advice

I have my home theater remote working fine with the Vero 4k+, it does the basic functions fine, and I thought I’d see if I could do a bit more.

First task was to find out how it was set in the Vero 4k+, if I go into input devices it just says unkown remote, if I go into my OSMC there is a list of remote types to browse, I do not want to change anything there by accident, incase it messes it all up.

Is there a guide as to what you can do with am advanced home theater remote with the Vero ?


Entries in settings>system>input>peripherals> are for CEC and the OSMC remote if you have one plugged in. The remote section in My OSMC is for configuring an infrared remote. There you are configuring what type of remote it should respond to. This typically consists of something along the lines of selecting something out of that list and then programing a universal remote to match that same device. If you program it to an xbox or MCE Kodi it should have pretty decent mappings. If you wanted to use a universal remote and gain a bit more responsiveness and long-press support (different action when a button is held down) I personally am a fan of the FLIRC USB device attached to a USB extension cable. Bluetooth remotes and other input devices can be used as well.

Once you have your remote working you can further customize it with keymapping if you wish. You can change what the various buttons do on a per-screen basis for most sections of Kodi. To get started with that it is probably easiest to start by checking out Kodi’s wiki on the subject. Once you read through that and have an idea of what you want to do you then installing the Keymap Editor add-on and using that is going to be the easiest way to perform these tweaks.

Many thanks I shall have a look at that