Remote Control by json etc

Just ordered the OSMC 4K+ but it has not arrived yet.

Unfortunately, I know nothing about Linux, but am pretty good with Windows.

Is it possible to send commands across the home network to control the OSCM, ie, play/pause/on/sleep/move/etc.? The commands would be coming from a Windows machine.

Thanks very much. I’ve got some studying to do and I will likely have more questions as I go. Besides not knowing Linux, I’m not a coder either.

Well don’t bother with the JSON-RPC stuff then.

There are smartphone apps that are simple to use and will let you achieve what you want.

Thanks sam,

Yes, I’ve already got those Kodi smartphone apps (I assume they will work for the Vero 4+).

But, I really need, and mostly use, a windows pc (via netremote/girder) to send commands to my windows htpc and would like to use the same setup for the vero 4k+. Actually, I will just be using the vero4k+ for 3d MVC so my receiver will now have 2 computers hooked into it.

To make progress on learning linux/remote control I will need to have the machine in my possession and it hasn’t arrived yet.

If things go swimmingly well with the vero4k+, perhaps one day I can remove the windows htpc completely and just use the vero4k+for all media.

Netremote seems neat but it appears you would need girder to be running on the Vero. That’s not going to happen as the software isn’t being sold any more. But you can open a browser in netremote and control Vero through that.

Yes, I know. That’s why I asked the original question. I’m confident I will figure out how a netremote button (on a windows PC with girder) can send actionable commands to the Vero.

The problem is going to be my absolute lack of any Linux experience.

Just some additional info.

I currently use girder to send wget commands to my directv box. I’m 99.99% sure that the directv box is linux. As of now, I use netremote buttons to control the directv box.

This whole thing could be as simple as understanding what wget commands to send to the Vero. Of course, it may be different and therefore more complicated than that.

I’m sure once the Vero arrives, I will need some advice.

wget is an odd way to move files around a home LAN, but if you can manage that, I’m sure we can get you up to speed with JSON-RPC.

Thanks for the help.

Hopefully the machine shows up soon.

Yippee! My OSMC Vero4k+ showed up a couple days ago. I spent yesterday configuring everything (skin/settings/etc). Now comes the purpose for this thread. How to do remote control.

To review, I don’t do Linux and I am not a programmer in any way.

My remote is a windows PC. I use a combination of netremote and girder to send commands to my windows htpc. The windows htpc also has girder. Control is instant and flawless.

I use a combination of netremote, girder and wget to send commands to my directv box. Obviously the directv box box is linux and cannot have girder. Control is instant and flawless.

The Vero is linux and therefore cannot have girder so it’s going to have work much more like the directv box than the htpc. Years ago some very kind people showed me how to setup up the following wget scenario. I’m hoping for similar help.

Here is a snip of the part of netremote that controls the htpc. I would like to duplicate the commands behind each of these buttons so that they control the vero.
netremote kodi snip

A typical command behind a button for the directv box looks like this:
File: C:\Program Files (x86)\GnuWin32\bin\wget.exe

Obviously, is the address of the directv box. The command mimics pressing the SELECT button on the actual remote.

The address for the Vero is

The command above is little more than a batch file. The Netremote button sends the command to girder and girder executes the wget command (batch file).

I’ve briefly reviewed the links provided earlier and either they are not applicable or I don’t understand what they are saying. And, like most remotes, I do not need any feedback from JSON.

The easiest thing for me would be to simply change the address and drop the appropriate commands into wget. I understand this may not work.

What I will be needing is:
What piece of software do I need to install on my windows remote?
What is the “batch file” syntax to send the commands to the Vero?
What are the actual commands I will need or how do I find them?

Thanks very much.

Well unfortunately it seems it is not as simple as the directv command but jsonrpc has similar functions.
I suggest to read
To use jsonrpc you would need to

  1. Enable the Web Server in Kodi: Settings -> Services -> Control
  2. On your PC wget “http://osmc:osmc@{“jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “method”: “Player.PlayPause”, “params”: { “playerid”: 0 }, “id”: 1}”

It surely will require some reading and testing.

On the other hand if you can let go of your PC the best remote for Kodi is Yatse on your Android Phone.

Thanks very much for your response, fzinken.

To start I’m simply going to try the example you listed. Unfortunately, Play/Pause is not the greatest example. Any chance I could ask for the syntax for RIGHT ARROW? I assume I would just put that word(s) into where your example says “.PlayPause”? Also, I assume all the other elements in your example are accurate and would remain the same for all commands?

Also, I looked at your linked examples and I do see “Player.PlayPause”, but all the other examples seem to be getting information from Kodi rather than sending commands to Kodi.

Also, I don’t understand that part about “Player”. Although I’m not sure, but it seems that “Player” may only apply to the “playing” aspect of Kodi. “RightArrow”, ie, to move around Kodi, would maybe seem like not a “Player” command. Am I misunderstanding?

All commands are listed here

Input Right Syntax is Input.Right

Actually someone wrote down all commands you are looking for in this thread

I just can’t get it to work. I’ve tried numerous iterations of the batch file and Kodi settings and when I execute the batch file, nothing happens on the Vero.

What I’m trying to do is have the curser move once to the right and I use the Kodi home screen to test it.

Here are the Kodi settings:

Sorry for the reflections

And here is the batch file:

Setup is very simple… I’m using a windows pc to execute the batch to the vero. I have verified the pc can ping the vero.

What am I getting wrong?

If there is a different way to accomplish this, I’m all ears.

I’ve not played with this so I can’t offer much other than I see your web interface is set to port 80 and your sending the command to port 8080.

Thanks for the response.

Yes I noticed that Kodi default port is 80 and yet every single example in this thread and in linked threads cite 8080 as the port. I figured 80 in Kodi is 8080 in code. Anyway I did change the batch file to 80, tried, and the port in Kodi to 8080, tried, and neither one was successful.

The port needs to be the same as what is set in Kodi. Although this kind of stuff makes my head hurt, I did manage to get this working from my Windows 11 terminal…

curl -X POST -H "content-type:application/json" http://osmc:osmc@ -d {\"jsonrpc\":\"2.0\",\"id\":1,\"method\":\"Input.Right\"}

I had trouble figuring out a working command with wget (I claim zero knowlege on this topic), but I assume curl is probably usable for your application. Note the backslashes before the quotes.