Remote control does not work

Sorry, but I do not know English and I use a translator. I have rasberry pi 2 with OSCM system. I can not use the remote control RC-201 InterVideo. They work only directional keys and back. Please help in configuring plicu lirc needed for proper operation. Thank you.

Not sure of your native tongue (what it is) but check this out RC-201 InterVideo - Google Search
Especially the two at the bottom,d.aWw,d.aWw

These pages read earlier, I used the HIP program on the PC and work there, but the raspberry pi 2 is quite something else. How to change the configuration of the remote control RC-201 in OSCM?.It does not work for me confirming the selected operation. I found the configuration of the OpenELEC, but how do you move to OSCM ??? How do I change conf file?

The remote control is also known under the names: InterVideo RC-201, PC Remote, Go TView

used with Logitech Harmony Remote Software by picking Computer>>Media Center PC>>Chinavasion>>CVSB-983.

2.3 Unbranded MCE remote :

Just send us the LIRC config and we will include it in OSMC Remotes

Just I do not know how to make such a file lirc conf. Maybe there is somewhere a guide?

Hello, can someone tell if the remote control of the Xbox 360 microsoft receiver will properly work on raspberry pi 2 with OSMC.

The xbox 360 remote definitely works if you use a cheap GPIO IR receiver as I have tested it myself.

I don’t know if it will work with the USB receiver though. Do you have it already or are you looking to buy it ?

It was only planning to buy it. Maybe you have interesting suggestions, although I like the xbox pilot performance and location of keys.