Remote Control (HDMI-CEC) (SOLVED)

Hello. I use the television remote control via HDMI-CEC (it is a Samsung ) . Works perfect for a while, but after a while stop working the arrow pointing up and to the left. What could happen ? What I can do to fix it ?

Greetings to all and thank you very much !
This is a google translation .

search for devices via anysee witch is samsungs CEC… or reboot you pi maybe change the HDMI cable.

Yes, the samsungs see the device any+ (or something like that), and let me uses de remote control for a while just fine. But, after a while that’s arrow dosent work… and me be later, come back again…

I’ll try to change the cable.

Maybe there is an software update for your tv, that helps?

Thanks!! it was just the HDMI CABLE!!!

Bad HDMI cables is a surprisingly common cause of CEC problems.

I have one cable where CEC only works intermittently on any device including my Pi’s, and another where it doesn’t work at all. Both are “cheap” cables, but not really cheap ones!

Not all devices need CEC so usually swapping cables with another device like your cable box that doesn’t need CEC will do the trick without buying another cable…

hi Guys!

I noticed another issue with the Samsung Remotes (through CEC), sometimes it just stops working, and i have to reboot the system to get it work again.

What could possibly cause this? Here is my log:

Thank you in advance!