Remote control MAJOR BLUNDER!

Hi Team!

So, long and short, in trying to get the volume up/down button to work on my Vero 4k remote (like my old ATV1) with Keymaps…after a bit of tweaking, I have managed to change the global setting from up down to volume up/down…i.e I can not go into the Keymap, or anything else for that matter, as all it does is change the volume and goes side to side but NOT down?!..

Can anyone help me please?



If you are not that comfortable with the Keymap files I suggest to use the keymap editor addon.
Otherwise have you put your changes in the “remote” section? Maybe share your keymap file for advice.

Thanks for the quick response…the thing is, I have used the keymap editor…but now all I can do is go left and right, not up and down as this now controls the volume…so I can not navigate to it any more!

Here’s hoping…


SSH in and delete the keymap/s in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/

Reboot and start over with the keymap editor. It’s probably wiser to use the << >> ff and rew buttons for volume. Not much use for them with step seeking now.

Either use << and >> as @ActionA suggest or when using UP/DOWN limit it to the section

Genius…thank you! That will teach me to get ahead of myself…I had used the << >> buttons for volume but somehow the global settings over road it…and therefore properly stuck…ANYHOW…back to where I was at lunchtime.

Just to say, amazingly quick little machine, compared to Firestick and my whizzed up ATV1…I am sure I will have more questions to come, but for now I am off to grab a cold one and play with our new kittens…



I think I’ve done something similar. Everything was fine with the remote - it was controlling the volume on my amp (via CEC?) out of the box. My TV remote was also able to control the Vero 4k+.

I thought it would be nice to have a page up/down option to skip through my movies quicker so, as the volume isn’t needed in the menu, I set the vol up/down to page up/down, which worked. But now not as a volume control during playback. I mapped them to volume control during playback but now it just seems to control a local kodi volume rather than my amp.

This also seems to have killed my tv remote’s CEC ability to control the Vero! (Although I think I’ve fixed that).
What do I need to do to map my Vol buttons to control the amp again?

Just connect a usb keyboard and use that to enter keymap editor and reset everything

Just to say that last night it had magically fixed itself. Weird.