Remote Control Samsung TV not working

Dear, I have a OSMC RPi 3B+, the tv remote control is not working for to manage the raspberry or to turn it on or off. I see in Menu setting of my Samsung Tv that Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) is active.

I see on OSMC Setting the icon of remote control TV, in particular I see the remote control of Samsung TV, the image is the same of mine.

How could I solve it?

Thanks a lot.

Your title says HDMI CEC Samsung TV not working! Is none of the keys working or just the power on/off not working?

This would not be possible. You only could use it to put the Raspberry into standby but even for that you would need to remap something else than the power button.

All keys (dx,sx,down,up, OK) of my remote control TV Samsung are not working with OSMC RPi.

Then suggest to power both the Pi and the TV down at the main power for several minutes. Afterwards it should work again.

I tried to turn off all for 5 minutes but not working. Only soluction is my mini wireless keyboard. My remote control is in the picture.


Did you unplug the power as well?

Thanks Tom.

Yes. I turned off all but not working. When Iclick a key I see the led tv is light on as normal.

CEC has nothing to do with the “remote” section of MyOSMC.
CEC doesn’t need any configuration on OSMC (unless you disabled it).
CEC section is under Settings - System - Input

Ok. I was wrong to write. CEC is enabled. So the problem is on the MyOSMC setting?

In my second tv Samsung my remote control is working properly with RPi Osmc.

Probabily, is file config.txt in FAT32 partition?
I have restored it yesterday and I have set the following lines:


You cannot simply turn them off. You must unplug them from power for several minutes.

Yes I have unplugged them but the remote control doesn’t working with raspberry.

Try a different HDMI cable and ensure that the input you are using on the TV actually supports CEC.

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Two cable hdmi in the picture. The first ok (remote control TV working properly), the second not working with remote control. I don’t understand the difference.

On one cable there is a working connection on pin 13, on the other there is not. The difference cannot be determined by visual inspection.