Remote control usb ir reciver

Im looking for a new remote control for my rpi2, really cheap one the plainer the better. big up,down,left,right. OK and volume button is all I need since it’s not main room for media. Then I found a ps3 controller in my closet, can I connect the ps3 controller to work with osmc with out to much hassle in config files?

edit: I bought a apple tv 2 remote, since I saw the config file under My OSMC - Remote. activated it and thought it would work right out the box. Found out you need a IR reciver to get the remote to work, so new question. Can I buy any usb ir reciver from ebay or do I need to buy a stable one like Flirc to get this working with apple tv remote?


Your best (and probably cheapest) bet is to buy a GPIO IR receiver - this is basically a photo diode that plugs directly into the GPIO header on the Pi.

With this you can learn and use almost any remote. Many USB receivers will only work with the remote they are bundled with.

I added the Apple remote profiles in OSMC - I don’t have an AppleTV remote but I think it’s the same as the ones shipped with Mac’s. I was testing an Apple remote using a GPIO receiver so know for sure that will work.

found a ir reciver under 5 bucks at aliexpress, gonna see how that works out. If not, then I’ll order a real gpio ir reciver and config it with the apple remote.

Just went down this road. I don’t know where you are located, but my experience with shipping times for AliExpress has been iffy in the US.

One avenue is to get an RC6 remote and receiver from newegg for around $20. That works out of the box with Kodi, but I haven’t tried it with OSMC.

Another avenue is to get the GPIO IR receiver–you can get one from Adafruit for $3 or Radio Shack for $5. You can also get a cheap remote + diode from Adafruit. Remember you will need .10 inch connectors on the GPIO header and for the IR diode, so you might as well order a ribbon of 6 inch cables with female connectors on either end from Adafruit at the same time. Their shipping is also really fast.

I already have an XBox in the same room, so the RC6 route wasn’t optimal. I used the Samsung TV remote for OSMC and set my universal for that code. Worked fine.