Remote control weirdness

Nobody will believe me, but…

I was perfectly happy using my infrared Harmony with a small IR receiver using 2020-11
Emulated as an xbox360 remote it did everything flawless

Now after upgrading to 2021-08 it is really strange
All movies can be controlled flawless no matter if they are H264 or h265
But while playing H264 TV recording from nextpvr the remote is very unresponsive
At the same time the original 4k+ remote is working normal.

After messing around for a few frustrating hours I went back to 2020-11
The remote is working fine again.

This is a known issue. I believe that the IR decoder’s IRQ isn’t serviced in time during playback as part of the 4.9 changes.

I found the other topic now

And using an USB IR receiver fixed this for me.
I still had few old ones lying around :slight_smile:

I’ll look in to this issue soon.