Remote keyboard mappings

Hi all!!

I’m new here so please be gentle :wink:

First of well done to Sam and the team for the excellent OSMC software its perfect suits my needs and now its stable release!!

I am new to OSMC and Kodi/Xbmc as a whole so yet have to learn the intricacies of the add-on/development side.

My intent is to create a car entertainment system which includes use of a thumb stick to control it (have an eGalax touchscreen but exhausted every avenue to get it to create an input device even tho lsusb detects it)

Ok sorry waffle here’s the point…

I have successfully created a python script that access gpio with a “MODIFIED” spi connection to connect to my adc (MCP3008) to read my thumb stick movements. After 4 hours I have created a basic working script that loads thru rd.local and accesses osmc thru to send button actions which work perfectly for up down left right.I cannot seem to find the keyboard button name for selection.

Actual keyboard would be the enter/return key.I have tried both names and even select.

Can anyone shed some light on the correct keyboard name for enter or selecting a menu item?

Thanks in advance sorry for the waffle



Cheers I will give that a try tomorrow is that a standard keyboard mapping?? Thanks again


Thanks for the reply but I actually had no issue with the actual KB code “enter” was correct. This issue turned out to be a line of code missing that actually send the event but due to the way nano scrolls by jumping a page I didn’t notice it until now. Teach me to check my code better lol. All works now full joystick input controlling my osmc!

Thanks anyway