Remote mapping no longer working

Hi, I had keymapping that used to work and now they don’t.
Unsure of exactly when this reverted exactly, but I have confirmed that the file is still in place and contains my tweaks.
It is placed in /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps

But up and down and plus and minus is back to default behaviour during video playback instead of mf my settings.

I have restarted a few times, here are logs



Have you read about the changes we made to remote keymaps?


Only that longpress would be possible. Where do I find what I need to know?

This is what I have put there


Please read OSMC Remote - Long Press Keymap Guide and let us know what questions you have.


We have most of those actions covered in the new keymap with long presses. I’m assuming you are using another remote as well and you can leave that keymap in place to cover that other remote. As it is seen as a remote, and the OSMC remotes now are seen, and get key-mapped as, a keyboard, they will not interact with each other. That howto should cover everything you need to know but if you get stuck with something let us know.

Got most of it. Only remaining question is, how do I get my CEC remote to act the same? do I put my old stuff mapped as remote in the same gen keymap?

The only remotes that upgraded to long-press support are the OSMC remotes. CEC does not pass information on the length of button press and from what I understand Kodi has an issue with translating repeats as long-press via CEC so it likely will never come. If you wanted to unify your remotes you would probably have to do it the other way around and modify your OSMC remote to act like it used to and loose the long-press upgrade. As for the file itself you can have multiple files or combine them, makes no difference. To combine them each Window tag you would just have seperate sections for remote and keyboard tags like…