Remote MySQL Connection Issue [Resolved]

So, I performed the OSMC upgrade today on my Ras Pi 2 and now I’m having trouble with my MySQL database, which is on another machine.

For a while I had a problem where the skin was infinitely reloading. Discovered it was because of syncing the addon_data folder, which included skin info, so during the update, the changes were written locally. I copied the folders onto my NFS and have this resolved that issue.

But now I’m consistently getting a ERROR: Unable to open database: MyMusic56 [1049](Unknown database ‘MyMusic56’), and saying it cannot connect to the database at

After a while, I just completely wiped out all the databases that kodi was using and figured a fresh database creation would fix it. What’s strange is that, when booting the Pi, I can see that it creates the MyMusicXX and MyVideoXX databases (I dropped them earlier, so kodi has to be the one making them), but then it still throws the connection error.

I can ping the IP fine from osmc, and I can even browse to my files that are on the NFS and play them. The issue is just syncing with the database. I’m kind of at a loss here. I haven’t done a fresh install yet, but I’m getting the same issue with Kodi 16 on my windows machine too. (Didn’t have kodi on there before, just added to see if maybe it was a Pi-specific issue).

Thanks in advance for any help

Well, turns out I resolved whatever was happening. That unknown database issue was basically negligible; I closed Kodi and opened it again and the error was gone. Couldn’t connect to my NFS then, but for whatever reason the IP on my Desktop changed from what I had set (thought I made it static, but whatever). So I added my Desktop IP into the hosts.allow, then I deleted the MyMuscXX.db and video files from the kodi directory, and things worked fine, scanned my NFS library back into the database.

Repeated same process on the R-Pi and its back to normal. I think the migration initially failed because of the skin/syncing issues I mentioned in the OP, so i just had to pretend I had a new database (probably could’ve fixed it if I realized the skin issues sooner).

Only thing I lost was my watched status on shows and movies, but that isn’t important.