Remote not working

Hello team…so as per title supplied remote not working…only 6 months old and first time this has happened. Strangely I can still use my ATV1 remote but have to stand 1 inch away.
What can I do please?


Have you tried to repair the dongle with the remote?
Have you changed the battery?

Do you mean re-pair?If so then yeah. …home button and central door pad hold…anything else I should do?

Yes, re-pair

Change battery

Ok…I have re=paired to no avail…turned off and on…then changed battery…and hey presto! Sometimes the problems are staring at you in the face and you don’t have to drill deep down…thanks all the same!


I have tried all these and still not working :frowning:

I see you’ve started your own thread, so we’ll continue things there to give OP a fair chance to get their issues resolved.