Remote not working

Hi,just plugged vero + in for first time and i can not get language choice to change to uk language.I think the remote is not working.

Did you remove the plastic tab from the remote? Do you see a blue light when you press a button?

Have you plugged the USB receiver in?

Had not put the dongle trying to get 5.1 thru my bluray player.The files are dolby atmos 7.1 any ideas.much appreciated.

See Audio setup and information. This should help you out. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you

I never seen all these optios.

  • Number of channels: 2.0 (S/PDIF only supports 2-channel LPCM)
  • Output configuration: Best match
  • Passthrough: enabled (on Raspberry Pi select Passthrough device: your S/PDIF soundcard)
  • DTS/AC3 passthrough: enabled
  • DTS-HD passthrough: disabled (only present on Vero 1 and Vero 4K/4K +)
  • TrueHD passthrough: disabled (only present on Vero 1 and Vero 4K/4K +)
  • E-AC3 passthrough: disabled
  • AC3 transcoding: enabled (enable this if you don’t want multi-channel LPCM and HD audio down-mixed to 2.0 LPCM, also see the explanation of AC3 transcoding a bit further down)

Enable Expert mode, it’s in the left corner and can catch people out

Will do.Thanks again.

turned box off in settings.How do you turn it back on.

got it.

I recommend you use Suspend instead of Shut Down. You can then wake it with a remote press.

Hi,sam.Can the vero box downmix dolby 7.1 to dts 5.1

No :wink: There’s only transcoding to DD.

So it can do DD 5.1.I use my bluray player via toslink for 5.1 sound.I can not seem to get any voice audio with the 7.1 and when i played a film with 5.1 i get very low or no rear speaker sounds.

Enable boost Center channel on downmix

Hi,sam.My bluray player decodes pcm,dolby digital and dts.I can not get the 5.1 sound working.I only get fl and fr speakers.

Explain how your Vero is connected. Are you directly connected to a TV, Amp or???

Have you set channels to 2.0 as the guide suggests? If only FL and FR are played with 5.1 PCM content, your receiver can probably not decode surround PCM. So, the channels need to be set to 2.0 - no matter whether you’re connecting via TOSLINK or HDMI.

vero is connected to a bluray player using toslink.

Sure it can decode audio signal