Remote pause not working

vero 4k box and the standard remote. All the buttons work except the Play/Pause button during playback. Except it does work as Play… which I would have thought would be the same key so I’ve no idea what’s going on.

Here’s the scenario:
During playback while playing attempt to pause the playback with the >| button - nothin happens.

Then I use my phone remote app to pause playback. While paused I can resume playback by pressing the >| button on the remote.

If you open the keymap editor add-on what does edit>global>navigation look like for play, pause, and play/pause? What does edit>fullscreen video>playback have set for those functions?

Global -> Navigation does not have settings for play, pause or play/pause

Fullscreen video -> playback is:
Play -
Pause -
Play/Pause - enter

And just in case - Global -> Playback has these:
Play - p
Pause - p
Play/Pause - play_pause

Try programing the play and pause buttons in the fullscreen video section and see if that gets you working again.

No, when I hit that button in the 5 second edit window it just goes back to blank.

When that happens it is normally because it is not seeing the key pressed. Since you said it works under certain conditions i’m assuming the remote is not the issue. I would go back to keymap editor and click on “reset to default” on the first screen and then see if it’s working. If not go back and try programing the button again and see if it will take with a fresh keymap. It might also be worth checking the OSMC app to make sure it is set on the correct remote.

Thanks for your help - double checked - remote was set to the correct one. Reset to default did the trick and it started working again! It’s weird - doesn’t seem to have changed any of those keymaps though! All good now.