Remote Problem with Bluetooth Remote

Dear Community,

im totally impressed by OSMC and now running it in my sleeping room.
to make the controlling easier, i bought a bluetooth remote control:

Almost every button work, expect the back button, which is really annoying.
I googled a lot, but couldn’t find the correct answer?
where can i change the keymap? where can i find the file to modify the button?

is lirc which could work, or is this only for infrared remotes?

thank you in a advice for your help :slightly_smiling:

Ok, i got a step ahead, tried the control on my pc and recognized that the back button is set as right mouse button.
but because is such a stupid air mouse, i deactivated the air mouse on osmc because it auto scrolls through lists if i move the remote a little.

so i tried to create a mouse.xml in kodi/userdata/remotekeys/mouse.xml and put in:

<keymap> <global> <mouse> <mousedrag></mousedrag> <mousemove></mousemove> </mouse> </global> </keymap>

to disable the mouse movement.
but don’T work :frowning:
any ideas?

Assuming you have the key names correct, then you need to modify some lines to things like <mousedrag>noop</mousedrag>

thank you for your help, how can i test if the key names are correct?